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At Rushmore, we believe that the value of innovative solutions & products coupled with the application and service offerings of our partners, will grow market share for both of us. Our core belief is that as the demand for electronic business solutions continues inevitably to increase, it is vital to establish and maintain strong partnerships worldwide. Through working together in developing and delivering leading internet solutions, we can meet the escalating demand with the levels of speed, quality and completeness which customers require.

Rushmore's top priority is our partner's initiative. We are building a complete and comprehensive set of partner programs that will suit the needs of both the large strategic partner through the small developer or consultant. Please read on below to find out more about these programs and continue to check back here for more programs as they roll out in the future.

Electronic business solution providers such as Rushmore are putting the power of the internet application server platform into the hands of thousands of customers who previously were out of reach due to the high costs of proprietary closed source software solutions. As this widespread adoption continues, Rushmore needs partners to succeed in delivering solutions, add-ons and services around our technology.

By developing a strong, worldwide partner community, it will be easier for customers to purchase reliable solutions to solve their business problems and remain competitive. Customers now can work with the partners of their choice, such as systems integrators (SI), consultants, web integrators, independent software vendors (ISV) and application service providers (ASP), who provide a strong basis for customizable electronic business solutions and specialized services. We'd like you to partner with us and share in this outstanding growth opportunity. We hope you'll take a few moments and check out our new programs. We're sure you will find it worth your while. Find out why below!

Technology Solution Partners
Rushmore's Technology Solution partners program is aimed at delivering the product, training, support and marketing resources to bear that will make each of our partnerships successful. Whether an independent software vendor (ISV), systems integrator (SI), consultant, application service provider (ASP), value-added reseller (VAR), or hardware platform vendor, the Rushmore Solution Partners Program will match your business model and lead to real opportunities.

Strategic Alliance Partners
Rushmore's Strategic Alliance partners program is aimed at industry leaders whose support enables Rushmore to deliver its electronic business products and services to their significant community of partners, customers and followers.

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