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In today's world, as we are in the new millennium, Information Technology is the most valuable resource and the key for enterprises to stay ahead of competition. An enterprise that has the ability to collect data, process them and provide the right information to the right people at the right time would be the market leader. No wonder the information technology has come to stay as the most dynamic force growing at a scorching pace unprecedented in history. It is the biggest revolution sweeping mankind today, changing the very way people live and work across the world and what we have witnessed till now is only the beginning.

Advances in information technology are already metamorphosing operations and decision making process across enterprises, the way business is conducted across the globe and the work place. Neither industry nor any enterprise can afford to ignore information technology if it were to remain competitive. The rapid strides of development in this industry are to bring better technology at much more affordable prices. This fact coupled with critical importance attended by the enterprises to information technology and the existing suppliers of hardware and software solutions are already unable to fulfill the demand.

It is estimated that demand for computer hardware and software would reach dizzy heights in near future. Sensing this opportunity and the vast potential waiting to be tapped, Rushmore was conceived by a team of seasoned and dedicated professionals on June 03, 1997.

Rushmore provides businesses with turnkey solutions that include software and services. Since inception, our company has been specializing in electronic commerce research & development, Internet Site Development and Custom Designed Business Software on n-tired business models.

We work on your projects using the best consultants and best practices of the industry. This is augmented by our unique and object-oriented approach to application development. This efficient approach offers faster delivery of high quality deliverables, and allows the company to offer firm-fixed pricing. Rushmore specializes in a user centric approach, with object oriented modeling, and well-structured, task-based processes.

The services and products we provide to our customers are focused on achieving these primary objectives:

  • To assist our customers in solving their business problems through the effective and creative use of information technology.
  • To provide a flexible, customer-oriented approach to every project and service we deliver.
  • To deliver superior service through operational and technical excellence with the goal of best serving our customers and the customers that they serve.
  • To ensure extraordinary value to our customers through customized solutions and cost-effective delivery.

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