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Suresh Thiruppathi,
Chief Research Officer

Why Rushmore

Rushmore is a company that focuses on Quality. We limit the number of projects each year to insure that each customer receives the personal attention they need. We realize our customers Ideas.

Customers like three things about working with Rushmore: our dynamic, knowledgeable employees, our emphasis on quality while still delivering on time, and our complete range of services and capabilities.

We pride ourselves in our strengths, which include:

  • A fundamental commitment to professional ethics.
  • A seasoned management team, from project managers up to executives.
  • Exceptionally qualified and motivated teams of consultants and developers.
  • A track record of success with many of the world's most respected companies.
  • Extensive practical knowledge and theoretical understanding of mature and evolving information technologies.
  • Formidable experience in critical business functions such as customer care, transaction processing, and decision support.
  • Strategic partnerships with industry-leading technology companies.
  • An environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

At Rushmore, we have the technical know how, outstanding delivery capabilities and a promise to keep

How we stick to our emphasis on Quality

Rushmore apparently has no compromise on Quality. It has been successful in delivering one hundred percent quality Software Systems. Effective robust Software Quality Assurance Plan (SQAP) and Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP) are devised for each and every project.

As the Quality Guru Philip Crosby had quoted "if you didn't measure it, you didn't do it" holds good forever, the indirect measures which stands as the manifestation for quality are done at Rushmore at every facet of project activity. Various metric techniques (generically, process and product metrics) are used to quantitatively measure the Software quality. Estimation & Scheduling, Resource management and Risk management are done effectively since they form the baseline and pave the way for effective project planning. Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) is used for Software Configuration Management, which involves managing and maintaining all documents, and configurable items pertinent to a project; release and version control is effectively done for all configurable items.

In addition, peer reviews, inspection and internal quality audit are periodically done to identify and eliminate defects at the end of each phase. Eventually, defect prevention mechanisms and best practices are identified and distributed to all members of other projects. At the completion of each project, Retrospective meeting is conducted to disseminate the best practices and experience to the members of other projects and support units.

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