Gold Support

Gold support is our privilege support program guaranteeing time bound response to our customers technical support requests. Our support is proactive with allocated training and audit days throughout the support period.

We also offer remote support services where Rushmore engineers can remotely log onto customer systems to define the problem and to find a resolution. Coverage hours are from 9am to 5pm in a defined time zone. The Gold support program minimizes downtime ensuring continuous business productivity. Service requests are closed only when our customers are satisfied with the resolution.

Gold support features:

Nominated Coverage Hours.
Nominated Technical Account Representative.
Priority Access.
Unlimited Service Requests.
Agreed Response Time.
Allocated training & Audit days (2).
Remote Support.
Full Electronic Web Access providing a wealth of Q&A, reports, current issues, issue submission etc.
Upgrades/Bug Fixes - Proactive notification.

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