Silver Support

Silver support program offers one of the highest quality standard of service available industrywide for the basic support requirements of our customers. This program provides support on a smaller scale and at a lower cost to meet the needs of smaller companies. Silver support provides a designated contact with a total of ten issues processed through any combination of technical support and online services. One contact is assigned from the customers help desk to communicate with our support center, if this does not suffice, additional contacts may be purchased at any time.

Coverage hours are 9am to 5pm in a defined time zone. Critical issues are given a priority rating. For example, a Level 1 issue is guaranteed a response from a Rushmore engineer in 4 hours and a Level 2 issue is guaranteed a 'next day' response.

Silver support features:

Limited Service Requests.
PriPriority Access.
Agreed Response Time.
Full Support Desk Access.
Limited Web Site Access - access to FAQ's, Tech Tips, Non committal electronic issue submission, FTP access.
Set Coverage Hours.
Upgrades/bug fixes - proactive notification.

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